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Directed by Xia Magnus

When a home health aid and her nephew move in to care for an elderly woman and her unstable son, two broken families find themselves dangerously isolated under one roof.


Aina Dumlao

Justin Arnold

Janyne Tiani

Jon Viktor Corpuz

Matthew Albrecht

Directed by Kenny Riches 

Even with plenty of tourists coming and going, Miami Beach can be a lonely place to live. Having never left the small island, Gordon Grafton, a sheltered young man who lucked his way into a relationship with an aging movie star, lacks the drive to discover the world beyond the manicured shores of Miami Beach — that is until he suffers the loss of his twin brother, Ivan.



Bryan Burton

Charlotte Best

Patrick Fugit

Elizabeth McGovern

Chris Parnell

David Sullivan

Christine McCarthy

Siddarth Dhananjay

We Used to Know Each Other

Directed by Robert Putka

Amid the dried out and dead desert oasis of suburban Las Vegas, and after three years apart, a young couple decides it's finally time to move in with each other and take their relationship to the next level.


Hugo de Sousa

Essa O'Shea

Clare McNulty

Ashley Lenz

Robert G. Putka

An American in Texas

Directed by Anthony Pedone

An angry, crackling and defiantly disordered underclass of nowheresville punk-rock kids, see their band Surgeon General’s Warning (SGW) as their ticket out of small town Texas, as 1990 comes to a close. The band drops acid, plays gigs and carries out calculated acts of vandalism around town to the television soundtrack of 24-hour newscasts about Operation Desert Storm and devotion to country at any cost. Faced with the reality of a dead end job at the plastic plant like their parents, a life in the oil field, or fighting a war that has no meaning to them, the group's chaos and imminent adulthood leaves them completely vulnerable for what ensues.

Eyes of the Moon 

Directed by Bryn McCay

our vision is to create a filmic world in which to explore divine femininity and the quest for forgotten wisdom.  this is a collaboration between writers, visionaries, story tellers, visual art makers, performers, costumers, sculptors, music makers, adventurers, dreamers and doers.  this is a psychedelic gypsy caravan. in this world we are free to do whatever we want.  with no limits.  with eyes of beauty.  with a feminine voice that doesn't cater to the world as it IS but to the world that IS our creative minds.  this world is rooted in love, in infinite and ever-changing possibility, in the manifestation of abundance and balance, in connection with the earth, with the guidance of our ancestors, our dreams, and our subconscious.  

The Gulf

Directed by Rick Perry

James (42), a radical outsider in Seattle, makes a desperate call to his old friend, Kayli (44), now a high school teacher in small town Texas. When sparks fly, James abandons the Northwest and makes a bold three-day bus trip to see Kayli. Stuck in Shelton, TX without a plan or even a goal, they attempt to reconnect after 20 years while James excavates a trauma from his past. 

The Strongest Man

Directed by Kenny Riches

An anxiety-ridden Cuban man who fancies himself the strongest man in the world attempts to recover his most prized possession, a stolen bicycle. On his quest, he finds and loses much more.











Jack's Apocalypse 

Directed by Wil Moore

After losing his family Jack Coleman settles into addiction and his life quickly spirals out of control. When Jack's brother, a colonel in the Air Force, appears unexpectedly tasking Jack with keeping his wife and daughter alive during the impending apocalypse, Jack's forced to reckon with his addiction. I Am Jack's Apocalypse is a journey into the mind and soul of a man who's lost everything as he struggles to stay alive.


The Sauce

Directed by LB Deyo & Elizabeth Spear

The Sauce is about corrupt stock traders vying for power in Austin, Texas. It tells the story of a star trader who gets passed over for a promotion. He decides to take his revenge by leaving the firm and destroying it in the process. 

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