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Crossroads Award Finalists 2015

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Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Plan
Directed by Eric Steele

When invited by an old friend (Robert Longstreet, Take Shelter) to speak to a struggling sales team at a conference, Bob Birdnow (Barry Nash, Dallas-based stage veteran and on-air talent coach for CNN, ESPN, and NBC) reluctantly agrees. Bob’s attempt to say something motivational takes an unexpected turn when, forced off script and desperate, he begins the one story he’d hoped he’d never have to tell. 

The Bravest, The Boldest
Directed by Moon Molson

IOFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2014 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!!! A young mother in a Harlem housing project realizes the arrival of two uniformed soldiers brings news she can't bring herself to accept.

Shell Shocked

Directed by John Richie

Shell Shocked is a documentary that examines gun violence in New Orleans from the perspective of the youth who are most affected by it.

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