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In a career spanning 30 years, RISK has impacted the evolution of graffiti as an art form in Los Angeles and worldwide. RISK gained major notoriety for his unique style and pushed the limits of graffiti further than any writer in L.A. had before: He was one of the first writers in Southern California to paint freight trains, and he pioneered writing on “heavens,” or freeway overpasses. At the peak of his career he took graffiti from the streets and into the gallery with the launch of the Third Rail series of art shows, and later parlayed the name into the first authentic line of graffiti-inspired clothing.


Stohead’s artistic passion is to depict the art of writing, which is displayed throughout his oeuvre. Scripture transports information, provokes thoughts and emotions, which coalesce and are then permanently preserved on paper. However, scripture can turn into an aesthetic masterpiece when using the skill of calligraphy. It is this very process combined with the code of the streets that characterize Stohead’s creative work. These codes are composed of lyrics from songs, texts, and or keywords of relevant social issues decoded and organized by the artist.  With repetition of the extracted phrases they are then turned into a design and or a three-dimensional sculpture.The arrangement diverts readability and leaves the beholder with the impact of colour figure, and shape. With fierce determination and intense physical labour, Stohead puts his raw emotions and feelings into the sculptures primer.
When the viewer starts to decipher the codes they will be confronted with subtitle references to socio-critical themes and poetical discourse in daily world affairs. The quite aggressive diction in Stohead’s calligraphies evolves from his disillusions, anger, and feelings toward a generation that is overburdened with technology. Stohead represents his cultural identity by seeking inspiration from the Hip-Hop and Punk music scene. He uses their urban vocabulary as a main source of inspiration for his work. Therefore preserving the scripture of the street beyond the digital realm and viewing himself as a modern day historian.

Dr. Dax

the infamous artist Dr. Dax of the historic Atlanta based collective The Dungeon Family – from which iconoclasts such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, CeeLo Green and countless others have emerged

Tim Kerr

The Austin Music Legend!! Artist and ex Big Boys and Bad Mutha Goose Musician!


TPY- Urban is the only Supplier of Montana Cans Paint in Texas and have

gratefully sent us almost 10 Artists Included Nik Soupe and Rabbit along with

many others to paint during Back to Back!! Warfare!! This Collective Joined us with some very exciting Artists!! 

Gonzo , Wiley Robertson and Nicky Davis will be joining us to paint!!!

The Local Artists will include the Local Legend Don Avlo, also Eli Arrington, Danny Kirkendall, Corn, Jade the Creator and many many More!!


Graffiti artists from LA, Berlin, Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio & Houston will travel to Victoria, TX to join up with local artists and paint over 30000 square feet of wall space in downtown Victoria, TX, including an entire Wells Fargo drive thru bank that is empty and scheduled for demolition in a year or two. 

In addition to the entire bank, artists will paint a 25 x 250 foot wall at Wholesale Tire (Across the street from Power Avenue Warehouse), The gymnasium at the Boys and Girls Club, and 3 10’ x 20’ billboards around town. These locations, coupled with the 3 walls we already have painted in Victoria will be combined to form an Outdoor Art Gallery.

The Wells Fargo building at 209 E Constitution (Right next door to Greek's 205) is were the event “home base” and this is where the artists will be working all week, but we have arranged to use the grassy area between the Jr. League and the new UHV arts building during Bootfest (Oct 3-4) to set up a tent, and have our graffiti artists painting and selling their work. That is the same grassy area where our last mural got painted over. We won't be painting on that wall (yet), but we will have artists set up and painting there. Their work will be on sale.


Music By!


Peanut Butter Wolf


Joe Reyna

Hooka Hey (Paris, France)

Hinojosa & Friends 

Ma & God

Angel Eloyse Nikola

Vincent's Betrayal

DJ Encore
Sue NCory Hinojosa

Dane (with Underpaid Genius from Austin)


Film Screenings!!


We will be shooting a documentary called No Culture Allowed throughout the week, and talk to the artists about the push backs they encounter over the past 30 years while taking graffiti art from an outlawed art form to a legitimate contemporary art form, and document the work of these artists as they give Victoria a super sized dose of street culture.

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